mood ring color chart

Mood Ring Color Meaning Chart

Can a piece of jewelry, in this case a ring or pendant really tell you what mood you are in? I would think not, but some think it can. Either way they are fun to have and see if the color does change when your mood changes. Below is a chart to help you out. The colors won't be the exact same shade of color yours will be. Most mood rings that are made are costume jewelry but you can buy them made in sterling silver. They were created in 1975 by Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats. They are not actually psychics, they are more like little heat gauges on your finger. They work by using the heat from your finger to change colors. There are liquid crystals in the rings that change color when your body temperature rises or falls.

Mood Ring Color Meanings

The meanings associated with the jewelry simple comes from the different temperatures your body has when you are in different moods. A few examples include: If you are excited your body temperature may be higher than normal, meaning the ring would heat up and change color. If you are just sitting around reading a book the ring would most likely be green which is average/normal. Outside during the winter months they will just not work.